Yukata for LadiesYukata are cotton kimono traditionally worn in the summer.

Superfine Yukata Peony garden in light blue


The unparalleled quality of this premium yukata shines through is three ways ; the softest , sturdiest cotton , the most impressive design ; and a splendid splash of colors.

Festive light pink blooming peonies amidst green flora. Pink on light blue.

Superfine Yukata Peony garden in light blue

Item No
Lady L/M/S  Size Chart
any number of
€111 : in Europe
$125 : in N.C.America/Middle East/Oceania
$120: in Asia
Price in S.America & Africa (Additional Charges of US$10 on Price in N.C.America / Middle East / Oceania)
Soft cotton 100%
with embroidered sash belt
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