Yukata & Jinbei for MenIn yukata for man, using composed colors: white, indigo, and gray.

Superfine Yukata Gossamer-figured pattern motif in navy blue

This  Sayagata (紗綾型) is one of the traditional Japanese patterns, such as Shima
(stripes), Ichimatsu (checks), Asanoha (stylized hemp leaf pattern), Masu (Square
checks), Yabane (fletched arrow pattern), and Seikaisha (pattern of waves in blue

Gossamer-figured pattern motif in navy blue

Item No
Man LL/L/M 
any number of
€111~ : in Europe
$125~ : in N.C.America/Middle East/Oceania
$120~: in Asia
Price in S.America & Africa (Additional Charges of US$10 on Price in N.C.America / Middle East / Oceania)
Superfine Soft Cotton 100%
with sash belt
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